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Stockholm host to 100 innovations

29 Feb

A new exhibition named 100 innovations opened Saturday, 25 February at Stockholm’s National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska Muséet). The exhibition, that is on for three years, 2012-2015, features the world’s top one hundred innovations as ranked by the Swedish people in a statistic poll. The number one innovation on the list, according to the Swedes, is the computer, in tenth place is the Internet, whilst the wheel takes a modest fourth position.

Happy cow gets a good scratching from De Lavals robot.
Photo: Ewa Beit

Swedish innovations on the top 100 list include the cow scratching robot by De Laval company and the bio degradable peepoo bag, used for sanitary needs in refugee camps. On display is also the pink wig of Swedish drag show artist Lars-Åke Wilhemsson, aka Babsan”.

100 innovations communicates with the visitor in a relaxed and playful way. Sound and vision further enhances the exhibition. Allow at least a couple of hours to see the exhibition without rushing.