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Spritmuseum is an ABSOLUT hit

24 May

From the very first bottle of Absolut vodka portrayed by Andy Warhol, they now exist in all shapes and forms. Photo: Tibor Bárány © TIBORFOTO.com

Today Spritmuseum – the Museum of Spirits – will open its doors to visitors. The museum’s exhibitions will focus on all aspects of life – the  joy and the laughter, but also the agony and the pain – with and without the “booze”. It will tell the tale of how Swedish society and its politicians have chosen to deal with alcohol. In a restrictive Big Brother way, some would say, others claim that it benefits society to restrict the accessibility of alcohol. Alas, Sweden has no privately owned liquor stores but alcohol may only be bought Mondays through Saturdays in the government operated outlets. I’m sure quite a few of the foreign visitors will raise their eyebrows in disbelief  when they learn about the “Swedish model” while others will concur.

The new museum, located just a stone’s throw from the Vasa Museum, is also the new home of the Absolut Art Collection, under the guardiance of Spritmuseum. After many years abroad, the complete collection of art works were finally gathered in Sweden. The first major, retrospective exhibition by Absolut Art Collection is entitled Face it! and is a cross section through the art of the 1980’s and 1990’s. An era associated with the disco balls of Studio 54 in New York, the first victims of Aids, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the birth of IT.

Shirley Rabé Masinter © V&S Vin & Sprit AB 1995 / Shirley Rabé Masinter

The very first artwork created by order of Absolut was Andy Warhol’s painting of the Absolut vodka bottle in 1986, followed by the works of Keith Haring, Jane-in-Vain Winkelman, Shirley Masinter Rabé (Absolut New Orleans pictured below) and Ronnie Wood, to name a few.

For people hungry not only for art and liquor history but for real food, you’re in for a treat. The restaurant at Spritmuseum is bound to be an ABSOLUT hit. Proprietor Alexander Magnusson will serve the best Swedish cuisine with locally grown produce, fresh game of elk, dear and venison, arctic char, vendace roe and salmon. Menus will shift according to what’s in season and the well educated staff will teach the guests about the Swedish schnapps culture. Prices start at SEK 125 and you can order half portions of all dishes. In addition to the restaurant there is also an outdoors dining patio and a seaside bar.

Inaugural lunch at Spritmuseum, clockwise from top: Gubbröra (anchovies, eggs, onion, mayo), cured salmon, poached char, beetroots with goat cheese. Photo: Ewa Beit