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Yummy Lard Sausages at Backstugan

15 Jun

At restaurant Backstugan you can enjoy traditional Swedish dishes like Lard Sausages (Isterband). Photo: Ewa Beit

If you’re visiting Sweden and someone suggests that today’s lunch will be Lard Sausages (Isterband in Swedish), it may not trigger your appetite much. And you will probably not believe that they’re any good. But try and move beyond the initial resistance.

Like many other traditional dishes from times gone by, lard sausages are now considered a delicacy. They’re no longer a poor man’s diet but a favorite among many Swedish chefs, and quite expensive in the restaurants that still serve them. Hardly anyone makes them at home anymore.

Lard sausages are made from barley groats mixed with lean pork, lard, ginger, salt and white pepper, they are cured in hog skins for a week. In this time a slight lactic acid fermentation takes place, leaving the sausages smelling somewhat sour. Once fried in a pan or oven the smell disappears and the spices blossom. The traditional trimmings are stewed cabbage or potatoes and beet-roots.

I had some excellent lard sausages at Restaurant Backstugan (cottage on the hill) the other day. The restaurant is located on Greta Garbos Väg (road) in Filmstaden in Solna, a neighboring municipality to Stockholm. Filmstaden was once Sweden’s Hollywood, where famous actress Greta Garbo starred in a number of movies before crossing the Atlantic. The friendly restaurant proprietor Lennart Johansson will greet you and treat you to homemade bread, homemade Tapenade spread and delicious food. Lunch is SEK 90 (USD 13) and includes bread, salad, beverage and coffee.