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“Basta” to Food Waste

26 Mar

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt together with chef Stefano Catenacci of Operakällaren treated all seminar guests to a delicious "leftover" buffet. Photo: Tibor Bárány © TIBORFOTO.com

Swedish EU Parlamentarian Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, wife of Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, moves to raise awareness of  the amount of food being discarded everyday in kitchens throughout Sweden and Europe. Perfectly good, edible food is wasted  in school kitchens, at home and in restaurants. Corazza Bildt said at a seminar this morning: “Everyone needs to pitch in to stop the escalating food waste.”

It is estimated that every fourth grocery bag is thrown away. This behavior also results in more Co2 pollution, as a majority of the people in urban areas depend on their cars when they go shopping. There are, however, a number of ways to reduce food waste. One of the easiest is to lower the temperature in the refrigerator. With a four degree drop, from +8 to +4, one liter of milk will last for two weeks instead of one. The restaurants also have the option of offering their customers doggy bags for food not eaten or why not provide early night “happy hour buffets” from lunch leftovers, as Italian trattoria Italiano Papà in Stockholm recently started doing.

For more photos from the Basta to food waste appeal go to: http://www.tiborfoto.com/BASTAtillMATSVINNET/

For more info on how to reduce food waste, please visit http://www.fao.org/fileadmin/user_upload/ags/publications/GFL_web.pdf