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Savoury Swedish Seafood Tapas

15 Apr

Lisa Elmqvist's seafood restaurant in Östermalmshallen, which was built in 1888. Photo: Tibor Bárány © TIBORFOTO.com

The wind of change has also swept into Stockholm’s famous late 19th century market hall, Östermalmshallen. It is the legendary family run seafood restaurant Lisa Elmqvist, that a few weeks ago launched a new concept – Friday after work seafood tapas.

The Swedish style tapas are  available every Friday between 4 and 7 PM (last order at 6.30). The elegant and savoury delicacies are presented on spoons and slate platters by cold cut chefs Malin and Maja.

Swedish seafood tapas at Lisa Elmqvist in the market hall. Photo: Tibor Bárány © TIBORFOTO.com